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"These books are invaluable..."
"They keep me from having to reinvent the wheel, and they keep the audience awake and engaged. I've received much positive feedback."

Nancy McKay, Employee Assistance Program Coordinator,
Kaiser Permanente

From: David Greenberg, Team Building Game Expert

Re: How to Transform Your Meetings Instantly


Dear Friend,

Let's face it -- most meetings waste a lot of time and money. As a professional speaker and meeting facilitator for twenty years (that's me in the photo facilitating a very large meeting for one of my clients), I’ve attended thousands of meetings. Most of them needed help.

As a meeting leader, trainer or facilitator, you must compete with numerous distractions that occupy your participants' minds. The reality is that many participants aren't even listening. You've probably done it yourself... you politely smile and listen half-heartedly, but you're really thinking "When will this end?"

There is a better way! I've taken the absolute best meeting tips, tools, techniques and facilitation secrets -- the ones my clients rave about -- and put them into two instant-download books that you can receive less than five minutes from now and use at your very next meeting! These are all simple to use, yet have remarkable impact. You and your team will rave about them, too. 100% guaranteed.


I'll guide you every step of the way
so that you look like a pro and
get the results you want the very first time!

Your effective meeting secrets arrive less than 5 minutes from now in two instant download books!

Instant Download Book #1:
How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings

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I've loaded this book with 20 years of the best tips, tools, and techniques so that you can...


Easily conduct your best meeting ever!

These are the very same strategies that I teach in my workshops where my clients pay thousands of dollars to attend. Whether you are new to conducting meetings or a seasoned pro, you will find everything you need to take your meetings to a whole new level of fun and productivity -- meetings that people actually look forward to attending! As one of my clients told me, "If you calculate the cost of getting your group together, purchasing this book is a 'no-brainer' decision!"

In this Instant-Download (PDF) Book, Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn...

  • The first thing you should do that most meeting planners never do (Page 2)
  • The one essential question you should answers before ever having a meeting (Page 3)
  • The best ways to create an atmosphere where participants are eager to achieve your meeting objectives and won't settle for anything less (Page 4)
  • The best ways to get participants excited about attending (Page 5)
  • The rarely-done but essential steps to create a perfect agenda (Page 6)
  • The simple steps to follow when you need to cover controversial topics (Page 7)
  • The people you should invite and those you should exclude  -- it's probably not who you think (Page 8)
  • The best way to start your meeting on an ultra-high note that says, "This is going to be a great meeting!" (Page 9)
  • The best way to keep participants keenly focused, amazingly attentive, and on-task (Page 10)
  • The key ingredients for taking meeting minutes and why you should take them (Page 12)
  • The most productive days, times, locations and durations (Page 13)
  • What to be aware of before you book an offsite meeting location (Page 14)
  • The best way to get people to arrive on time and even early every time (Page 15)
  • The best ways to arrange the seating to drastically increase productivity -- you'll be amazed (Page 17)

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"Really fantastic!"
"I found David's e-book to be really fantastic. It filled the gaps and my presentation was a success."

Marc Lacroix, Business Coach,
Sales Coaching & Consultancy

  • The one room configuration that bleeds energy from a group and kills productivity (Page 18)
  • The best food and drinks to increase productivity and those to avoid (Page 19)
  • The one thing you should never do before a dinner meeting (Page 19)
  • The ground rules participants must know to save tons of time and skyrocket creativity and brilliant solutions -- you'll want to make a copy of these for everyone (Page 20)
  • Four essential actions to take the day before your meeting to assure a great meeting (Page 20)
  • Five essential actions to take an hour before your meeting (Page 21)
  • The "SALT" test you should employ before participants arrive (Page 21)
  • The five most incredible ways to get incredible participation, even from normally silent attendees (Page 25)
  • The best ways to convert potentially difficult participants into your best advocates (Page 26)
  • Two never-fail ways to get people back on time from breaks (Page 27)
  • The secrets professional facilitators use to keep things fast and flowing (Page 28)
  • The best ways to communicate important ideas clearly with outstanding retention (Page 29)
  • The best ways to lead your group to accountable actionable ideas (Page 30)
  • The three must-do items just before your meeting ends (Page 31)
  • The best ways to close so that people can't wait until your next meeting (Page 32)

...PLUS TONS MORE TIPS AND TRICKS to help you lead any meeting with 100% confidence and be viewed as a true leader who knows how to get results!

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Instant Download Book #2:
12 Simple Do-It-Yourself Team Building Games & Icebreakers

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These are the same field-tested team activities that I use in my programs, for which I charge thousands of dollars. They're perfect for virtually any business, sales team, school or civic organization.


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"My team had no idea it was my first time..."

"I was recently promoted and I was asked to facilitate a team building event. I used David Greenberg's team building games and activities and my team had no idea it was my first time! It was a great success and a lot of fun!"

Anel Martinez, Customer Support Manager
Verizon Wireless

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"So easy to conduct -- really builds team synergy..."
"I've already conducted five of the activities. They are so easy to conduct, and so straight forward with such a nice impact. They keep people energized, refreshed, and build great team synergy."

Jim Hastings, Staff Development & Training Manager
Hoffman Professionalism Center

Some of the team building activities take just a few minutes, some last about 10 to 20 minutes, and some last up to about an hour. All of the team building games, activities and icebreakers are great fun and designed to be conducted in a regular meeting room, classroom or outdoors if you desire. Some of the activities use inexpensive materials that are easily obtained at the dollar store, while many require no materials at all.

In this Instant-Download Book, Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn...

  • 12 proven team building games, team building activities and meeting icebreakers
  • Team building activities for all size groups, ages, physical abilities
  • "Idiot-proof" step-by-step instructions
  • Suggested scripts of exactly what to say
  • Any necessary handout masters
  • Suggested questions that get people interacting and talking
  • Recommended team sizes and timeframes
  • Professional trainers' secrets guaranteed to "wow" your group
  • Here's a Brief Description of Some of the Team Building Games, Team Building Activities and Meeting Icebreakers You Get Instantly:

    Team Building Game #1 -
    Building Castles in The Air
    This energizing eye-opener is one of my favorites. It really brings out people's natural tendency to compete and challenges them to think creatively to achieve measurably better results. They could learn from other team members, they could learn from their mistakes in the first round, they could even share resources to create a bigger win for everyone... but will they? People are amazed by their successes when the team pulls together and a great discussion follows on how a cohesive team can achieve incredible results.

    Team Building Game #2 -
    What Should We Do About The Neighbors?
    Rather than really listening most people just wait for their turn to talk! While participants first think this exercise is about persuading others, it's really about listening and mutual respect, especially when you don't agree. Your meeting room will be filled with laughter as your group experiences firsthand how to increase their appreciation for each others' contributions and solve problems much quicker than ever before.

    Team Building Game #3 -
    How High Will You Bid?
    This fast-paced activity is a great way to reinforce how collaboration and healthy competition will create greater wins for everyone. It's a game of strategy, communication, and trust. How much money is in each envelope? How much are you willing to risk? Should you cooperate with the others or just watch out for yourself? Will others look out for you? This is a real thought-provoker and extremely "real world." Your group will talk about it and its lessons for years!

    Team Building Game #4 -
    A Vision is Worth A Thousand Words
    This extremely energizing activity will help your team communicate a shared vision for their future and focus on what they need to do to turn that vision into a reality. I first tried this exercise with a group of upper-level managers thinking it would never work, and they insisted that I give them more time because they were enjoying it so much! Now it's one of my standards. Your team will love it and you'll love the results!

    Team Building Game #5 -
    A Puzzling Team
    This is a great way to open a meeting. At first your group will think that there's no challenge to this icebreaker, but there's a sudden surprise when participants realize that in order to "win" they must think about their other team members and help them to solve their problems, too. No working in a vacuum. Your group will clearly see that they must remain aware of what others need and what others have to contribute in order for the entire organization to thrive.

    Team Building Game #6 -
    An Egg-Citing Place to Work
    As you may have guessed from the title, this does involve an egg or two. Don't worry -- it's not messy. This tons-of-fun activity helps your team to solve complex problems together while confronted with limited resources, competition, limited budgets and time constraints. It's a real test of working together to reach a common goal and maintaining a positive attitude when things don't go according to plan. You'll love how easy this is to apply to your "real world." Get your camera ready -- this offers great picture taking opportunities!

    Team Building Game #7 -
    The Domino Effect
    What's the number one complaint most team members voice? "We need to communication better!" This easy-to-conduct activity is one that my clients talk about for years! It's fun, it's frustrating, it's totally experiential, it's filled with laughter, and it's the perfect activity to help identify the barriers that are in the way of effective communication in your environment and how they can be eliminated.
    This works with any type of group!

    ...Plus FIVE more incredible team building games, activities and meeting icebeakers that I'll keep as my secret until you place your risk-free trial order :)

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    "The best resource in ten years!"
    "We implement the ideas at every meeting. I've been in Human Resources for ten years and this is one of the best resources."

    Denise Rivera, Human Resources Manager
    Denny's Restaurants


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    "So many great ideas!"
    "We had a difficult time deciding which activities to choose. They were hugely successful!"

    Dawn Erikson, Team Leader
    he Hartford

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    These two books, 12 Do-It-Yourself Team Building Games & Icebreakers and How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings come to you via the Internet (like e-mail). The books are "PDF" files that can be printed or read on any computer. Less than 45 seconds after you order, you'll see a button on your screen that says "Download Now". You'll simply click that button to transfer the books to your computer. This one-step process is absolutely fool-proof, it takes less than a minute to download on a high-speed line (a couple minutes on a dial-up connection), and if you have any questions our friendly staff is here to help. It couldn't be easier. Once these books are on your computer, you can access them over and over, whenever you need them.


    One Year No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

    There's no risk. None! I am so confident that if you follow the simple step-by-step instructions in my books, How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings and 12 Do-It-Yourself Team Building Games & Icebreakers and, you will transform your meetings and get the results you want that I am willing to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee for one full year! If you're not happy, you can have a complete refund -- no questions asked. I want you to order with complete confidence. By the way, if you would like to discuss my working with your team, please email us or call toll-free in the US 1.888.773.2512 or 1.404.518.7777.


    YES! I absolutely want my meetings to be more successful than ever before!

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