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“Once again, the team learned how to be more effective leaders and communicators. You've helped me out greatly.

Jamie Jones, Regional Business Director
Novo Nordisk, Inc.


Our corporate team building workshops and team communication programs are fast-paced, completely experiential and tons of fun. They also yield amazing results that carry back to the workplace.

Team building programs typically range from 90 minutes to two days, are conducted at your location, and customized to meet your team's specific needs. Individual coaching may also be incorporated for persons who need further skill building.

Because we develop custom team building programs, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are a couple of our most requested team communication and team building programs. Click on one or simply page down to view them all:

> Navigating the Maze of Change

Creating Stellar Teams With Different Personality Styles

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Do-It-Yourself Team Building Games



A Unique "On-Your-Feet" Team and Leadership Building Experience

“The program was insightful and pointed out the effects of change on the organization and the individual.
We had a lot of fun while learning. I recommend this to any organization experiencing change.
Cyndi Sundrup, Manager, Change Management
Duke Energy

It takes a solid team to bring out the best in each of its members. This unique on-your-feet experience is one of our most requested programs because it's a guaranteed eye-opener, where participants experience exactly what it takes for leaders and teams to soar! Your meeting room will be filled with great laughs, great insights, and usable ideas!

Here's How It Works...
This program begins on an electronic maze (a programmable checkerboard-like carpet). Teams must navigate through the maze without triggering any alarmed squares. This is readily compared to the unknowns in their rapidly-changing workplace. Talk about navigating a "maze of change" -- Which way do you turn without being penalized? How do you communicate direction and vision with all the players? Who has the time when we're all so busy?

Teams have 15 minutes and $15 million working capital. Overhead costs $1 million per minute. The clock starts. After the first minute, teams typically cease planning and communicating and spring into action. Many team members are unclear of their roles and the mission. Sound familiar? Because teams are not allowed to talk once the first participant touches the carpet, innovative communication strategies and decision-making skills are required. How innovative is your team? How does fear stop them from taking risks and using their creativity?

Some participants are eager to lead and walk confidently from square to square. Some share and learn from one another, while many reinvent the wheel and waste precious time and money. Many participants appear paralyzed once they reach unexplored territory -- afraid to let down the team by making the "wrong decision."  But their indecision was very costly at $1 million per minute. Which participants from your group will emerge as confident leaders? You may be surprised. How can you develop new leaders?

Some people support and encourage their team members, but just wait until one of them makes a mistake and triggers an alarm or leads a person down the wrong path. How does your team react when others "fail" or are wrong?

Frustration builds, but a wonderful cheer is heard as the first team member makes it all the way across. But where was the recognition for the "less successful" team members who only made it through a few rows? Didn't they help the team? Who receives the recognition in your organization and who could benefit from more of it? How does this impact morale and willingness to try new things?

"We'll do better in round two..."
Once participants feel comfortable with how to accomplish their task, David allows them to try one more time with a new path. It appears that they have indeed learned many lessons from round one and they are doing significantly better. But wait... there are sudden changes nobody warned them about (just like in their real world). Many feel the changes are unfair and resist them. Some become quite vocal and spend their time and money complaining. Others simply quit playing. And some decide to turn the changes into opportunities. How similar is this to your workplace? What will your group do? How can you keep everyone motivated especially when people are stressed? How can you combat negativity and see opportunity in the midst of all the changes?

A powerful discussion follows this energizing activity. Participants create Personal Action Plans to ensure their success and accountability as leaders and team members back in the workplace long after the program is over.

Participants learn many powerful tools from this outstanding activity including how to:

  • Function as a cohesive team with "healthy" competition

  • Develop effective leaders that others want to follow

  • Keep people motivated under stress

  • Increase team spirit and camaraderie

  • Open the lines of communication 

  • Create shared visions

  • Identify team members’ fears that block success

  • Develop a support system that allows team members’ to stretch their comfort zones

  • Increase mutual trust and support

  • Recognize and reward little successes in order to achieve your desired end-results

  • View "failures" as valuable lessons in order to grow, promote risk-taking and creativity

  • Maintain a positive attitude toward progress, change, and teamwork

  • Remain flexible and be victors of change

  • Much, much more!

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What I always look for are take-aways -- things that stick with me that I can use. I got a number of take-always from David that were most important for my future business.

Bernie Vogt, President
Prudential Real Estate

Why are some people so easy to work with while others are so difficult?

We each have a distinct "style" that determines how we tend to think, feel, and act, including the way we tend to communicate, process information, buy and sell.

Sometimes these styles interact well and sometimes they don’t. Even the manager, team member, or salesperson who follows the Golden Rule and treats others as he or she would like to be treated may be unknowingly ignoring the needs of the other styles. When we ignore those needs, the benefits of what we are trying to communicate may fall on deaf ears. This results in conflicts, stress, decreased productivity, and lost sales (we're all in sales).

Through completely hands-on and fun learning activities customized for your group's real world, video, and use of a powerful style assessment tool, your group will learn to: 

  • Identify their own communication and work styles

  • Recognize their styles’ strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Recognize how their styles might be misunderstood by others

  • Recognize how their styles might sometimes work against them

  • Recognize how some of their strengths become limitations when overused

  • Manage and motivate each of the other styles

  • Understand and respect the value each style brings to the team

  • Capitalize on the strengths of each team member's style and work around the weaknesses

  • Reduce conflicts with each style and deal more easily with "difficult" people

  • "Read" people and adapt to their listening, learning, and buying styles

  • Increase sales -- Again, we're all in sales (our products, services, ideas, ourselves)

As with all of our programs, this program is filled with laughter, great insights, and opportunities for your group to put their new skills to use immediately. Depending on your needs, this program ranges from 90 minutes to one full-day and is also available in a private coaching format.

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